Why Finding Your WHY Can Transform Your Business


When it comes to our business, whether we’ve already launched or whether we’re still in concept stage, knowing our “why” will help us stay committed to our dream.

Our “why” gives us the clarity and confidence to make good choices.

Our “why” inspires us and fulfils us.

Sometimes we lose sight of our “why”.

And this can lead to issues as you need a “why” to remember your reason for doing what you do.

Your “why” doesn’t have to be anything life changing or earth shattering, and it might change along the way.

Whatever it is, you need it in the front of mind when nights are long and things seem hard, and you wonder why the hell you keep doing what you’re doing.

There are lots of reasons why someone wants to run their own business.

Some people see it as a pathway to financial freedom, while others are tired of working for someone else and want to be their own boss.

Some want significance and the bragging rights to say they are the boss or feel they need to prove something, by way of being a successful business owner.

Many of the women I work with want more freedom.

They want to work around their families or around other passions, like travel.

They are often clear on their personal “why”.

When we discuss their business “why” it’s often because they had the skills or they had experienced a particular problem to which they found a solution and now they’d like to share that with the world.

Whilst these are all good reasons to start a business, their business purpose isn’t solid for them.

With more digging, a stronger purpose can be uncovered.

Purpose steers your business while ensuring that everyone is heading in the same direction, and it helps your audience better understand your “why”.

Every business should have a strong purpose.

Once you’ve locked that down, you can begin to work on how you need to share your story in a way that connects on a deeper level.

When you connect your business to a purpose that drives your customers to buy in, you begin to tell a story that moves them.

Once you have your business “why”, you then need to share it in a way that resonates with your audience.

Leadership expert Simon Sinek says that it’s not enough to know “what” you do and “how” you do it. At our essence, we are most motivated by knowing “why” we do things.

And it’s through that awareness that we can best connect with and sell to others.

Our “why” will be wrapped up in emotion and stories and events in our lives.

Emotions are powerful motivators.

If you aren’t clear on your “why”, here are some questions to ask yourself to get more clarity:

– Why am I here?

– What do I do?

– How do I do it?

– For whom do I do it?

– Why do I do it?

– What value am I bringing?

In business, the road can sometimes be hard.

There are often ups and downs.

If you are struggling to find your purpose, try doing some market research.

Poll your closest friends and family (only people you trust to give you an honest answer) and ask them what they think your strengths are.

Not only can it be a huge confidence booster to hear how wonderful they think you are, but they may come up with skills you didn’t even realise you had.

If you are good at something, chances are that you are good at it because you enjoy doing it.

You’ve got this!

p.s I’d love to hear your take on this topic.

Why did you start in business, and why specifically the business that you are in?

Leave a comment below….

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  1. Sandy Wade on at

    I apply this same concept of finding your “why” in pursuing weight loss & health goals. The business “why” for me is to truly help other women feeling lost & trapped in their own personal struggle to find health. I feel compelled to help others with what I learned and with what worked for me because I was trapped in that hell for a long time. I did discover a great exercise of asking yourself “why” SEVEN times. When you answer the initial why, you ask why again to why you feel that way. There is something about digging deeper & deeper into the question that drives you to the truly real answer. The true deep answer may surprise you.

    • Anne on at

      Absolutely Sandy! I couldn’t agree more xx

  2. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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