Tolerating Things That Do Not Serve You

To feel fulfilled in life, we need to be clear about what we really want and why we want it. On the flip side to that, is to also be clear about what we don’t want and what we may be just tolerating.

What exists in your life now that isn’t how you’d like it to be?

You know, those things you’ve been putting up with or tolerating, that you’ve been meaning to fix, but haven’t?
Work – Paperwork that needs filing, multiple sticky notes with to-do lists, processes that don’t work
Home – Clutter, doors that don’t open/close without effort, damaged or peeling paint
People – Negative friends, relationships that aren’t working
Habits – Watching too much TV, spending too much money, not getting enough sleep

Tolerations are things that get you down, they drain your energy and just don’t serve you.

They may show up in all areas of your life and keep you from being yourself and enjoying life to the fullest.

Sometimes, you need to stop and consider what are you putting up with that you’d be better off without.

If you ask yourself this question: “What am I putting up with right now?”, how many things spring to mind? Consider things in your home, work, relationships, health, etc.

Are you surprised by how many things you are tolerating?

What if you were to begin taking steps towards eliminating just one thing today?

As you eliminate them, you will notice how good you feel and how your energy is restored.

If you want a more fulfilling, less stressful life, you have to start addressing these things.

Once you do, you will free yourself to create a life that serves you well and supports you daily as you move towards the life you truly want.

The benefits of eliminating or even reducing tolerations are many, you’ll:
feel freer;
feel stronger;
have more energy;
have the headspace to be more creative;
attract better opportunities;
enjoy life more.
The most important benefit of addressing whatever it is that you are tolerating is that you will then have more time to focus on the things you love to do.

Own Your Goal!

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