The Wheel of Life

This is a great exercise and tool that I discovered during my personal development journey and I have used it many times to help me create more balance and happiness in my life. The wheel contains eight segments that, together, cover all aspects of your life. The exercise measures your level of satisfaction in the 8 areas on the day you work through this exercise. It is not a picture of how your life has been in the past nor what you want it to be in the future. It is a snapshot taken in the moment. It is not reflective of how well you have performed or what you have achieved. This simply measures your current level of satisfaction in each area of your life.

The Wheel of Life helps you see what balance in your life looks like. You may want to change the categories to better reflect the areas of your life. For example: you may choose to break the segment of friends and family into two separate categories. Also you may want to add a category. How do you rate your level of satisfaction in each of the areas? Zero means not satisfied and 10 means highly satisfied.

The diagram below is a blank template to complete for yourself. After you have rated each of the areas, connect the lines to form an inner wheel like the example above. This will give you an overview of balance in your life. This exercise is not about getting 10s, it’s about a smoother ride. If this wheel were a tire on your car, how bumpy would the ride be? area are you ready to make a change in? What will you do and when? Set yourself a goal and start working towards having balance and a smoother ride.

Own your goal!

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