The Power of Visualisation

Have you heard the term seeing is believing? That’s the power of visualisation!

Do you ever feel as though you’re struggling to see your end goal, or like you just can’t see the steps you need to take to get there? This is possibly because you aren’t clear about what it is that you want.

The end goal or “the prize” is what you ultimately want to achieve. The steps are the process to get there.

Studies have shown that people who use visualisation have more success in achieving their goals than those who don’t.

Just imagine an athlete preparing for their race.

They are very clear on their end goal – they want to win!

When practicing visualisation, they see themselves crossing the finish line first or holding the trophy, they also see themselves at every stage of the race, at the start line, at the point they overtake their opponents, and when they cross the finish line.

Not only do they see themselves, they also focus on how they feel every step of the way, what they hear, etc.

This clarity is just the motivation they need to not only make themselves work harder but also be confident of the outcome.

Think about where or what your end goal is.

It may be making more money, spending more time with family, or improving/changing elements of your life which you aren’t satisfied with.

Whatever it may be, be specific and visualise exactly what you want.

You are now the athlete, and the finish line is your goal, the trophy your reward.

Envision your race!

Visualising yourself achieving success allows you to experience the feelings that bring you closer to what you aspire for.

Once you believe your goal is achievable you will be more motivated to work harder towards it.

When visualising your goal consider the outcome you want and the process you will follow reflecting on all your senses.
What does it look like?

How will you feel?

What are you hearing?

What does it smell like?

Can you taste it?

Sometimes we encounter ‘mindset barriers’ or obstacles, which can greatly impact our ability to achieve or even visualise the end goal.

An example of a mindset barrier may be a lack of confidence. When these obstacles get in the way, rather than giving up on your goal, you could work on your mindset.

With the confidence example, a solution could be to recollect a time when you felt confident.

Really draw on that moment – how did you stand, what were you doing with your hands, what were you thinking, how did you sound, etc?

Alternatively, you could observe confident people and their behaviour.

Look closely at their physiology, their language and their focus.

What will it take to replicate their behaviour?

Of course, it will take practice, but by addressing these mindset barriers, it will become easier to visualise your success and get yourself closer to the end goal.

It isn’t just theorised that visualisation helps – there is in fact science behind it.

When we visualise doing something, part of our brain is stimulated, and this is the same part that is stimulated when we actually do that thing.

It is important to note however that as helpful as visualisation has been proven to be, it will not guarantee success, especially not on its own.

You need to take action and put in the effort to actually achieve your goal.

The combination of hard work and visualisation will definitely increase the chances of you getting the reward.
And one final tip to envisioning your success is to create a vision board and put it somewhere prominent to remind yourself of your end goal.

Own Your Goal!
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