How to Find Clarity so you can FINALLY Create Results

So many entrepreneurs feel lost on what to do.

They want to do it all.

They aren’t sure what they should be doing.

They don’t know where to put their focus and attention and end up feeling pulled in every direction, being busy and yet not achieving results.

I know this because I’ve felt that way, and many of my clients tell me that’s how they feel too when we first speak.

When you are feeling scattered in your own business, your potential clients and customers will feel it and this will impact the results.

The key to getting back on track is having clarity on what you do and why you do it.

This includes:

The WHY – why do you want to have this business?

The PURPOSE – what is the core purpose of your business?

The MISSION – what is the mission for your business, what do you hope to accomplish?

The VISION – where do you see your business in a few years’ time?

The PRIORITIES – what needs to be done and prioritised in your business?

The MILESTONES – identify milestones in your business and find a way to measure and celebrate them.

Once you get clarity on the above, everything else will fall into place and will flow so much easier.

You may be thinking, “But how is having clarity going to create results?”.

The answer is without the have the clarity and knowing the direction of your business and brand, it will become unclear to yourself and your target market as to what you are trying to ‘sell’, and it will be much more difficult to effectively reach them.

You’ll be in the position where you’re trying lots of different things without really seeing the results.

As well as this, Napoleon Hill, in his classic book, Think & Grow Rich, explains why having a clear idea on what you want to achieve in business and life is the critical reason for your motivation, actions, and success.

Clarity is determining exactly what results you want to achieve and when you want to achieve them.

The key word in that definition is “exactly”.

If you don’t make the time to define your goal in exact terms, you are not setting yourself up for success.

Instead, you are setting yourself up for a guess and generality rather than clear focused and specific results.

With this in mind, I have reviewed and updated my own business plan for 2018, and I have so much more clarity.

All the valuable outcomes that I can guide my clients to achieve are fantastic, but the most important thing I can offer is to help them make a profit in their business.

So my key message is “I am a Business Mentor and Mindset Coach and I help women entrepreneurs take their Business from PURPOSE to PROFIT so they can make money doing what they love”.

In my one on one coaching program I help you:

get more clarity on your purpose and your vision for the future;

develop a detailed plan that gives you a roadmap to follow;

package your service offerings so you maximise your opportunity;

create a sales process that feels good so you consistently pitch; and

develop strategies to scale your business and leverage your time so you make a profit.

Once you find clarity in your business, you will find that the results will follow.

Now I’m finding it even easier to reach my ideal customer and get them the results they want.

Own Your Goal!

p.s I’d love to hear your take on this topic.

Are you clear on your purpose or do you feel like more clarity could help you create better results?

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