How Doing Less Will Deliver BIGGER Results

The hardest task my clients face is staying committed to the pursuit of their business goals.

Whether it be blogging to increase their web traffic or sharing content on social media to increase engagement, without making a commitment and staying dedicated to the goal, they’ll fail.

The thing is, success requires discipline, perseverance, determination, courage and trust.

The problems start when they don’t commit to ONE strategy to achieve their goal or solve their problem resulting in finding themselves getting distracted by every shiny object, trying lots of different things and not seeing any results.

If you feel this sounds like you then the answer’s simple…….

If your problem is that you need more leads in your business, then stop spending every waking moment looking at the problem and instead decide on the solution, the one strategy, and commit 100% to take action on that ONE solution.

If the strategy you have chosen is to leverage Facebook, to build relationships and make connections, put out content and grow your group then STOP looking at the problem and STOP looking for other solutions and just go ALL in and take action consistently on the solution that you decided on.

It takes a minimum of 3 months to really get momentum and see results.

By looking at every shiny object, we just make ourselves busier and still don’t get the results.

The shiny object solves the WRONG problem.

The problem here is your mindset and the resistance and discomfort you are feeling between taking action and seeing results.

There’s always going to be a gap in time between taking action and seeing results.

During that time the key is to do the mindset work and not go looking for other solutions.

Commit to ONE strategy for a minimum of 3 months and then review the results, tweak and adjust and keep going.

What ONE strategy can you commit to today?

Own Your Goal!

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