Discover how you can go from

Passion to Paid in 6 Simple Steps

WHAT’S INSIDE: The Exact Steps I Took To Find My Passion And Get Paying Clients And How You Can Too!

Discover how you can go from

Passion to Paid in 6 Simple Steps

WHAT’S INSIDE: The Exact Steps I Took To Find My Passion And Get Paying Clients And How You Can Too!


Before you waste another minute on downloading any more freebies and purchasing any more courses that promise you the moon, please consider this…

Doing less, but focusing on the right things will deliver more.

There’s nothing more important than knowing who you serve, what problem you solve and positioning yourself as an expert in ONE thing if you want to scale online.

No more overwhelm and overworking!

It all comes down to connecting with your soulmate clients and building “know, like and trust” with them.

Unfortunately, so many female entrepreneurs are hiding behind their laptops and are not being visible.

So let me tell you something a lot of coaches won’t…

I failed in my first year as a coach!

Even though I had years of experience in the corporate world and had built up our family business to a multi-seven-figure success, I still failed.

I was lacking confidence, second-guessing myself, comparing myself to everyone else, downloading freebies and watching webinars looking for the magic solution and not actually doing what I knew I had to do.

No matter what I tried or how hard I worked, I constantly felt like I was failing.

I’d wake up every morning, go straight to my computer and start “working”, doing everything, desperate to succeed.

It was exhausting.

I was doing way too much and had very little to show for it:

👉Charging by the hour

👉Taking on all the responsibility for my client’s results

👉Overgiving between sessions and responding to clients at all hours

👉Doing free sessions for people who ‘couldn’t afford it’.

A huge part of the problem was that I didn’t value my time.

You can’t succeed when you don’t value your time and you’re over giving and underearning. You can’t show up fully and do the amazing work you’re meant to do if you continue like that, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

So before you waste any more time or money on your business, you must know these three strategies:

STRATEGY #1: Painlessly Package Irresistible Programs – Shift from charging by the hour to packaging up solutions like a BOSS and owning your supercharged gifts.

STRATEGY #2: Own your Value, Voice & Vision – Step out from the shadows of your laptop and into the spotlight as you share your value, attract clients and bring in the cash.

STRATEGY #3: Close Clients with Heart-Centred Connection – Shift from feeling icky about sales to solving problems with deep care, like you’re helping out a good friend.


If you don’t have these 3 strategies nailed, you’ll struggle in business. It’s that simple.

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