Finding Your Passion as a Working Mum

Motherhood is a beautiful time and affects everyone in different ways.

It takes some adjustment to settle into the new routine, where you no longer can put yourself and your needs first. You’re now responsible for another human that relies on you 100% and you wonder what you did with your time before they arrived.

Then the time comes to return to work and it’s not easy to juggle between paid work and family life, while trying to maintain balance and find time for ourselves.

Most mums in the workforce are often stressed and feel guilty because of the divided attention between family and work.

Then there are the dreams and passions we have that often tend to take a back seat as we can’t see how we could possibly throw them into the mix.

Some mums are passionate about the work they do whilst others haven’t yet discovered their passion and as a result, end up desperately seeking for something to get connected to their soul.

They look for something to give more meaning to their busy lives.

There are experts who advise on how to fulfil your passion while balancing your professional and personal life. But only we know the challenges of juggling everything with our children in tow.

Often the excuse for not following our passion is the lack of time.

This is an excuse, as if we’re truly passionate about life, we’d be able to create the time.

Time won’t magically appear, you have to create it. Finding a block of quiet time for yourself is what you need to start.

If you want to work on your dream and do great things, here are some principles that could help you focus on your passion and fulfil your dreams.

Don’t Restrict Yourself:
When you have the urge to do something, don’t restrict yourself from doing it. The restrictions can be caused by self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs. Becoming aware of these restrictions on yourself is important to remove them and express yourself. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goal. Just figure out the right time, spend time on your own to truly understand yourself and then start before you are ready, as you’ll never feel ready.

Release Stress:
Just consider the things you have to do and the impact it has on you. Your passion will set you free even when you’re busy.

Start by making a list of the fun things you can do in your free time. We are all born with skills and talents and you just need to find what interests you. This will help you release all your worries, and find your passion.

One of the best ways to get connected with yourself is through your passion.

If Your Heart’s Not In It, Quit:
Many of you dislike your jobs and know that you want to do something different, but stay in your job for a long time as you fear the unknown. You find yourself in a position where it feels like you are exchanging your time for money and you are wasting your life.

Whether you plan to find another job or start your own business, if the current situation isn’t working, you need to find something else.

In my case, I found that leaving the corporate world was the first step to finding my true passion and forced me to keep searching for my next steps with urgency and to eventually create my coaching business, that I now love building.

Don’t Put Money First:
If you’re looking to spend your life doing something you love, financial benefits become secondary. If the practicality of what you do and how much money you earn are your primary focus you will instantly limit your options and doing what you love will be tough.

On the other hand, if you allow yourself to follow your curiosity, you will find yourself in a position of power and, eventually, in the position to earn money on your terms.

Own Your Goal!

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