Are Your Fears Holding You Back?

It’s so easy to get stuck in it. To let it hold you back.

Fear often keeps us from making any decision at all. While most people don’t freeze in the face of any choice, fear keeps many second-guessing themselves into avoiding decisions whenever they can. Great decision-makers often talk about trusting their “gut instincts”. There’s no room for that small, still voice when fear is present. All you can hear are the spiralling thoughts through your mind. When you’re consumed with fear, gut instincts are hard if not impossible to recognise.

The 10 most common fears that could be holding you back are:
Fear of Failure
Fear of Success
Fear of Being Judged
Fear of Emotional Pain
Fear of Embarrassment
Fear of Being Abandoned or Being Alone
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Expressing Your True Feelings
Fear of The Unknown
Fear of Death
But here’s the thing: having the fear is natural. Letting it stop you from going after your dreams is a tragedy.

Procrastination is the physical manifestation of fear.

“Who am I to start a business?”

“I can’t start a blog….no one wants to hear what I have to say.”

These are all examples of the fears, I once had.

How to Beat Your Fears

First, acknowledge your fear. This is a huge first step. If you do just this today, you’re on your way. Many of us have these fears, but they are at the back of our mind, unnoticed, unacknowledged, as we try to ignore them and pretend they’re not there. But they are there. And they affect us, every day, all our lives. So acknowledge the fear.
Small steps. Conquering fear and pursuing a life goal can be overwhelming, intimidating. So start small. Just take one little baby step. Something you know you can do. Something you’re sure to succeed at. Then feel good about that (see below) and take another small baby step. Keep doing this, and soon you’ll have conquered a mountain.
Celebrate every success! Every single thing you do right, celebrate! Even the smallest little thing. And use this feeling of success, of victory, to move yourself forward and take the next step. Use this idea of a spiral of success in your life, build upon each success and use it as a stepping stone to the next victory.
Successful people learn from their failures. By taking action on your fears, you win on both counts. You win if you make a good decision and things work out. You even win if you make a bad decision and things go poorly, because you have an opportunity to learn from your decision and the subsequent problems you faced.

Own Your Goal!

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