4 Simple Steps to Create the Life You Love

With a new year at our door step, do you dare to dream about what life could be like in the future?

Some of us settle for the life we have as we think that it’s about as good as it’s going to get. We don’t allow ourselves to dream big as we think that dreaming is a waste of time and dreams don’t come true. So, we settle. We convince ourselves that life is just fine, so why strive for anything more.

Our beliefs have convinced us that dreams will lead to disappointment and we need to be realistic. Big dreams are just unachievable.

These thoughts are as a result of having limiting beliefs.

If these beliefs resonate with you, then you may be aware that it is your fear that’s stopping you from stretching yourself to strive for more.

These beliefs may be as a result of a previous experience when you’ve tried something that hasn’t gone to plan or you’ve tried something and not got the desired results. So, instead of persevering and trying something different to ensure success, you’ve perhaps given up and decided that it’s easier to remain “realistic”, live within your capabilities and be happy with what you’ve got.

Do you believe that anything is possible?

I believe that we can do anything if we put our minds to it and if there are things we don’t know we can figure them out.

With that belief, any dream could soon be a reality.

So, here are my 4 simple steps to help you create the life you love:

1. Dream Big
It can be quite fun to explore different ideas, like “what would my life be like if…”, or “I wish I could…”.

Imagine you have no constraints, what could your ideal life look like if you had no limiting beliefs.

Brainstorm and write down everything that comes to mind. Areas to consider are family, romance/relationships, career/business, money, health and fitness, fun and recreation, physical environment, etc.


You need to know what it is that you want before you can achieve it.

Once you’ve got your initial list, the more specific you can be the better. For example, if your dream is to own a beach house, be specific about the house, what beach is it near, how many bedrooms does it have, does it have water views, does it have hardwood flooring, what colour are the walls painted, etc, etc.

2. Prioritise
Having dreamed of what you want your life to become, you need to sort out what it is that you most want to work towards first.

You could have multiple priorities across various aspects of your life.

Is there something that stands out? Something that you just HAVE to change in order to be satisfied with your life now? Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on, but sometimes you just know. Either way, take the time to work out your top priorities, and what you will focus on working towards in the next 12 months.

3. Plan
Remember – a goal without a plan is no more than a dream!

In the previous step, you narrowed down your priorities for your 12 month goals.

Now it is time to develop a more detailed plan of how you are going to achieve your goals.

Think about what outcome you want in 12 months time, what processes do you need to follow, what skills do you need, what activities will you need to undertake.

Start with a high level 12 month plan, then focus in on a 3 month plan, then get more detailed as you develop a one month plan and finally get very clear on your one week plan.

As you work backward from the end goal, you will get more detailed and specific with your planning, so when you wake up tomorrow you will know exactly what action you will be taking to get you one step closer to your big dream.

4. Take Action
This is the final step.

It’s time to put your plan into action.

Just think, if you did just one thing that took you one step closer to your goal each day, in a year’s time you will be 365 steps closer to your dream.

Be focused, don’t give up on your dream, even if you don’t feel like you are seeing results initially. Keep your eye on the prize and stick to your plan.

If occasionally you have to reconsider a strategy, do that, just do whatever it takes to get you a step closer to your dreams each day.

Further tips:
– make sure you have clarity on WHY exactly you want whatever it is that you’re working towards.
– Take action every day (no matter how small)- progress is progress, and keeping it consistent can be really helpful.
– Create a vision board or even just cut out images of what you desire and stick it on your fridge or somewhere else in your home where you will have a constant visual reminder.
– Work on your mindset and do whatever it takes to believe in yourself, research others who have achieved what it is that you want and use them as your role model.

Own Your Goal!
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